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Re: [PATCH][2/2] Remove addresses_taken bitmap per stmt

On Thu, 16 Apr 2009, Diego Novillo wrote:

> 2009/4/15 Richard Guenther <>:
> > 2009-04-15 ÂRichard Guenther Â<>
> >
> > Â Â Â Â* gimple.c (gimple_copy): Do not clear addresses_taken bitmap.
> > Â Â Â Â(gimple_ior_addresses_taken_1): New function.
> > Â Â Â Â(gimple_ior_addresses_taken): Likewise.
> > Â Â Â Â* gimple.h (struct gimple_statement_with_ops_base): Remove
> > Â Â Â Âaddresses_taken member.
> > Â Â Â Â(gimple_ior_addresses_taken): Declare.
> > Â Â Â Â(gimple_addresses_taken, gimple_addresses_taken_ptr,
> > Â Â Â Âgimple_set_addresses_taken): Remove.
> > Â Â Â Â* ipa-reference.c (mark_address): New function.
> > Â Â Â Â(scan_stmt_for_static_refs): Use it for marking addresses taken.
> > Â Â Â Â* tree-ssa-operands.c (add_to_addressable_set): Rename to ...
> > Â Â Â Â(mark_address_taken): ... this. ÂJust set TREE_ADDRESSABLE.
> > Â Â Â Â(gimple_add_to_addresses_taken): Remove.
> > Â Â Â Â(get_tmr_operands): Call mark_address_taken.
> > Â Â Â Â(get_asm_expr_operands): Likewise.
> > Â Â Â Â(get_expr_operands): Likewise.
> > Â Â Â Â(build_ssa_operands): Do not clear the addresses_taken bitmap.
> > Â Â Â Â(free_stmt_operands): Do not free it.
> > Â Â Â Â* tree-ssa.c (delete_tree_ssa): Likewise.
> > Â Â Â Â(execute_update_addresses_taken): Use gimple_ior_addresses_taken.
> OK.
> Thanks for this cleanup.  The only area to look out for are compile
> time slowdowns due to the added scanning that is now needed.  But I
> don't expect this to be a problem.

Yes.  It's basically trading the removal of the operand scanner overhead
plus the memory savings for a limited amount of extra scans.

Both patches now applied.


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