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Re: [PATCH 0/3] cond-optab merge

Paolo Bonzini wrote:
> Dave Korn wrote:
>> Paolo Bonzini wrote:
>>> Here is the final patch and results for cond-optab.  
>>   Hi Paolo, I haven't been following this in depth so apologies in advance if
>> this is just a misunderstanding; I would just like to ask for clarification:
>>> 		test-cond*	newlib		compare		bootstrap
>>> i386		almost		no				done
>>> The third column says whether newlib is supported on the target and can be
>>> built.  The patch does not introduce new newlib build failures, and the ones
>>> in the baseline have been reported.
>>   Newlib doesn't build on i386?  Or is it just that it failed in your baseline
>> owing to some unrelated bug and so there's no change?
> Newlib builds on i386-linux, but it is not trivial to use it because
> sometimes files from the glibc installation get in the way, so I didn't
> test it.  You have to build x86-linux apps with -nostdlib and manually
> specify newlib's crt0.o.  Also, libgcov.a is built with glibc headers
> and it expects some magic symbols that aren't in newlib.

  Right, thanks for the explanation.  I'll run a testsuite on cygwin (which is
newlib-based) later this week after you've done the commit, which should
hopefully cover the newlib+i386 combination to at least some depth.


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