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[alias-export] Merge with trunk, apply expand from SSA patch


Michael Matz's expand from SSA patch allows simplifying alias export pretty much, because we don't need to track the substitutions happened within tree-outof-ssa.c to locate the proper PTA info, but instead we can take it directly from SSA_NAME. The only extra change needed is not releasing ssa-names in delete_tree_ssa, so that the oracle can pick up the proper types later in the pipeline.

Bootstrapped (c/c++/fortran) on x86-64, committed to alias-export branch. The ChangeLog is only for the changes in the alias export part. Also, the number of useful disambiguations on SPEC2k has increased slightly.


2009-04-14 Andrey Belevantsev <>

Apply expand from SSA patch.

        * alias-export.c (substituted_in_stmts, stmt_tree_pair, pta_sets,
        pta_sets_key, pta_sets_hash, pta_sets_eq, record_stmt_substitution,
        record_stmt_pta_info, currently_expanding_stmt,
        currently_expanding_tree, find_original_stmt_and_pointer): Remove.
        Remove all uses.
        (rewrite_expr_callback, rewrite_expr_to_ssanames,
        rewrite_mem_callback, rewrite_mem_exprs): Likewise.
        (release_temporary_export_maps, set_current_expand_info): Likewise.
        (find_pta_info): Just take it from SSA_NAME_PTR_INFO.
        * alias-export.h (record_stmt_substitution, record_stmt_pta_info,
        rewrite_mem_exprs, set_current_expand_info,
        release_temporary_export_maps): Remove prototypes.
	* tree-ssa.c (delete_tree_ssa): Do not call release_ssa_name
	when doing alias/ddg export.

2009-04-14  Andrey Belevantsev  <>
        Merge with trunk rev. 146020.

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