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Re: [PATCH] Build libgcj, libgcj-tools, and libffi as shared libraries on Windows

Dave Korn wrote:
Aaron W. LaFramboise wrote:
This patch builds libgcj, libgcj-tools, and libffi as DLLs on Windows.

This patch revises and updates Aaron's old patch from last August. It adds some essential support for Cygwin that the previous patch didn't have, and does things slightly differently in places.

You could probably split this into separate parts, unless you think it would be easier to get it reviewed as a single chunk.

As I recall, and you can probably tell from where you got the patches from, there were some reservations with some parts of this patch.

In particular, it might be better to import a new LTDL version, assuming that fixes this problem. If not, it should probably be fixed upstream.

This stuff is slightly incomplete, as it really needs a DEF-generation thing, probably with some sort of versioned ordinal thing, or this will have awful storage and load-time performance. I had started on this, and I can submit a patch for this if you have not already started working on this.

I have no objections to any of this going in though, except for the below.

Index: gcc/config/i386/t-cygming

+jc1$(exeext): LDFLAGS+=-Wl,-stack,0x8000000

I think it would be better to figure out why the top-level LDFLAGS does not get propagated properly into java as it does for every other language, rather than sticking in this hack.

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