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Re: [Patch, libgfortran] PR39665, alignment problems

Steve Ellcey wrote:
>> Thanks for the review. However, after thinking about this some more
>> myself, I came to the conclusion that considering the requirement to
>> handle repeat counts, my other proposal to just align u.p.value is better.
>> Hence I instead committed the attached patch as obvious (r145852).
>> --
>> Janne Blomqvist
> This patch seems to cause new failures for me.  I am getting failures in
> gfortran.dg/f2003_io_[14567].f03 (maybe more, I stopped testing there).
> $ gfortran -g f2003_io_5.f03 -o x
> $ ./x
> At line 12 of file f2003_io_5.f03 (unit = 99, file = 'mynml')
> Fortran runtime error: Bad DECIMAL parameter in data transfer statement
> Steve Ellcey

I've reverted this patch and instead committed the original one as r145875.

Though I'm a bit perplexed why the alignment attribute didn't work. Is
__attribute__ ((aligned (__BIGGEST_ALIGNMENT__)))
fundamentally broken? Even more so, how can it cause regressions on
targets that worked before?

I suppose one thing could be that it exposes some out-of-bounds error in

Janne Blomqvist

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