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[Ada] Reorganize einfo routines

This rather extensive patch (in terms of number of files affected),
removes routines from einfo that know too much about subtle Ada
semantics, and puts them in sem_aux. No test since no functional
change, just a bit better organization of stuff among units.

Tested on x86_64-pc-linux-gnu, committed on trunk

2009-04-09  Robert Dewar  <>

	* sem_aggr.adb, exp_ch5.adb, sem_ch3.adb, exp_atag.adb, layout.adb,
	sem_dist.adb, exp_ch7.adb, sem_ch5.adb, sem_type.adb, exp_imgv.adb,
	exp_util.adb, sem_aux.adb,, exp_attr.adb, exp_ch9.adb,
	sem_ch7.adb, inline.adb, fe.h, sem_ch9.adb, exp_code.adb, einfo.adb,, exp_pakd.adb, checks.adb, sem_ch12.adb, exp_smem.adb,
	tbuild.adb, freeze.adb, sem_util.adb, sem_res.adb, sem_attr.adb,
	exp_dbug.adb, sem_case.adb, exp_tss.adb, exp_ch4.adb, exp_ch6.adb,
	sem_smem.adb, sem_ch4.adb, sem_mech.adb, sem_ch6.adb, exp_disp.adb,
	sem_ch8.adb, exp_aggr.adb, sem_eval.adb, sem_cat.adb, exp_dist.adb,
	sem_ch13.adb, exp_strm.adb, lib-xref.adb, sem_disp.adb, exp_ch3.adb:
	Reorganize einfo/sem_aux, moving routines from einfo to sem_aux

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