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[cond-optab, trunk] Always use comparison for division by large unsigned integer

On cond-optab branch we get a division libcall instead of a comparison
libcall for the -O0 test unsigned-long-compare.c on powerpc.  The same
behavior is there for the following similar testcase (also at -O0 only):


int main (int argc)
  unsigned long long OneULL = 1ULL;
  unsigned long long result;

  result = argc / BIG_CONSTANT;
  if (result)
    abort ();
  exit (0);

This is because emit_store_flag looks for sgeu patterns on trunk
(present) and for cstoredi4 patterns on branch (absent).  However, in
this particular case it is anyway possible to avoid a libcall, which is
what this patch does.

Bootstrap/regtest in progress, ok?

2009-04-09  Paolo Bonzini  <>

	* expmed.c (expand_divmod): Always use a comparison for a division
	by a large unsigned integer.

Index: gcc/expmed.c
--- gcc/expmed.c	(branch cond-optab)
+++ gcc/expmed.c	(working copy)
@@ -3998,10 +3998,8 @@ expand_divmod (int rem_flag, enum tree_c
 			/* Most significant bit of divisor is set; emit an scc
 			   insn.  */
-			quotient = emit_store_flag (tquotient, GEU, op0, op1,
-						    compute_mode, 1, 1);
-			if (quotient == 0)
-			  goto fail1;
+			quotient = emit_store_flag_force (tquotient, GEU, op0, op1,
+							  compute_mode, 1, 1);

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