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[pretty-ipa] Allow cfgcleanup to forward EH edges freely

cfgcleanup contains code to prevent label sharing in EH.  This is no
longer neccesary (and I doubt it ever was)

Bootstrapped/regtested x86_64-linux, comitted.

	* tree-cfgcleanup.c (tree_forwareder_block_p): Do not look for EH edges.
Index: tree-cfgcleanup.c
--- tree-cfgcleanup.c	(revision 145766)
+++ tree-cfgcleanup.c	(working copy)
@@ -221,9 +221,6 @@
 tree_forwarder_block_p (basic_block bb, bool phi_wanted)
   gimple_stmt_iterator gsi;
-  edge_iterator ei;
-  edge e, succ;
-  basic_block dest;
   /* BB must have a single outgoing edge.  */
   if (single_succ_p (bb) != 1
@@ -274,23 +271,6 @@
       if (dest->loop_father->header == dest)
 	return false;
-  /* If we have an EH edge leaving this block, make sure that the
-     destination of this block has only one predecessor.  This ensures
-     that we don't get into the situation where we try to remove two
-     forwarders that go to the same basic block but are handlers for
-     different EH regions.  */
-  succ = single_succ_edge (bb);
-  dest = succ->dest;
-  FOR_EACH_EDGE (e, ei, bb->preds)
-    {
-      if (e->flags & EDGE_EH)
-        {
-	  if (!single_pred_p (dest))
-	    return false;
-	}
-    }
   return true;

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