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Re: [plugins] checking the compiler version

On Wed, Apr 8, 2009 at 10:42, Joseph S. Myers <> wrote:

> I think the compiler should check, not the plugin; the plugin cannot
> possibly know if the definition of a GCC-internal interface will change in
> future in a way that requires the plugin to be rebuilt. ÂSo plugins should
> export the information about versions needed (for example, if you use the
> checksum approach GCC could provide an object file to be linked into all
> plugins that gives the checksums, in addition to such an object being
> linked into GCC itself).

While tempting, I don't think I agree.  The plugin may not care too
much about version drift.  Forcing every plugin to work under a single
version checking policy seems too restrictive.  If the plugin happens
to make the wrong decision, I think it's fair for it to keep both
halves of the broken compiler.

We could, of course, print a version mismatch message from the
compiler itself.  But I would rather allow the plugins to decide
whether they want to tolerate version drift or not.


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