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Re: RFA [PR objc/29200][diagnostic] Make diagnostics translation friendly

On Sat, 4 Apr 2009, David Ayers wrote:

> Thank you Philipp,
> after building the required version of gettext, translating and moving
> the builddir/po/de.pox info gcc/po/de.po and installing the messages
> were successfully translated.
> I'm rerunning the regression tests on i686-pc-linux-gnu.
> Here is the updated patch, which include intl.h and renames the message
> parameter to msgid for gettext (thanks again Andreas).
> OK for the trunk for the i18n POV?

There is still a problem that you are translating the single word "using" 
or "found" and requiring it to go in a particular position in the 
"%J%s %<%c%s%>" format.

Some languages might want the translated word or phrase to go after the 
%<%c%s%> instead of before; although the "%J%s %<%c%s%>" string is 
translated, it hardly provides enough context for translators to know they 
should move the %s to the end.  Some languages might want translated text 
on both sides of the %<%c%s%>, or want the choice of ordering to differ in 
the "using" and "found" cases.  Think diagnostics of the form "the method 
%<%c%s%> is being used", if that is an idiomatic style for some languages.

I think there are two reasonable approaches: either translate the 
"%Jusing <%c%s%>" and "%Jfound <%c%s%>" strings separately through 
passing the full string as an argument to warn_with_method, or probably 
better define an enum that says whether "using" or "found" is to be used, 
use that enum as the first parameter of warn_with_method, and select 
between two calls to warning with different format strings within that 

As a separate issue, it looks like this diagnostic is an informative 
message that should use "inform" not "warning".

Joseph S. Myers

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