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Re: [PATCH][SH] Multilib selection rework

Andrew Stubbs <> writes:

> How about this interface?
> <no option>
>     default multilibs
> --without-multilib-list
> --with-multilib-list={no | default}
>     explicitly select default multilibs
> --with-multilib-list={<blank> | none}
>     disable all multilibs except for any secondary endian library.
> --with-multilib-list=LIST
>     no change to current behaviour

It seems to me that the problem is that you've started with a bad
interface, and you are trying to extend it without breaking backward
compatibility.  Don't bother.  Just invent a new interface, and keep the
old one around unchanged for compatibility.  How about

In particular, if I say --without-multilib-list, then it seems clear to
me that I don't want multilibs.  It takes some special pleading to
explain why that would mean that I actually want the default set of
multilibs.  (By the way, it is straightforward in autoconf to
distinguish the cases of --with-multilib-list, --without-multilib-list,
and not specifying the option at all, since AC_ARG_WITH has a default


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