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Re: [SH] double precision floating point dwarf fix

Kaz Kojima wrote:
Christian BRUEL <> wrote:
This fixes the DWARF information for double precision floating point values in register location for little endian SHs
The only SH core that I know about that have register numbering correct is sh-300 when PR=SZ=1. I commented it out in the code for reference, in case -mfmovd implies SZ=1. But not by default since this is not the ABI.

Could you give a comment for the new function at the just before the function? The inline comment for sh-300 could be move into it too. The patch itself looks ok.

I will add the following comment and commit if ok.

/* 64 bit floating points memory transfers are loaded as paired single precision loads or store. So DWARF information needs fixing in little endian, (unless PR=SZ=1 in FPSCR). */

>> 	* config/sh/sh-protos.h (sh_dwarf_register_span): Declared.
I guess that the active voice is usual in gcc/ChangeLog for these.

no problem,

Best Regards


Regards, kaz

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