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PATCH COMMITTED: fix libdecnumber builds w/o stdint.h

When I upgraded libdecnumber to version 3.61 on Monday, I lost a local
patch that allows building on non-C99 systems without <stdint.h>.  This
change reintroduces that patch and I am committing it now.

Sorry to those affected by the breakage.

2009-04-01  Ben Elliston  <>

        * decContext.h: Include gstdint.h instead of <stdint.h>.

Index: decContext.h
--- decContext.h        (revision 145384)
+++ decContext.h        (working copy)
@@ -56,9 +56,7 @@
   #define DECCFULLNAME "Decimal Context Descriptor"   /* Verbose name */
   #define DECCAUTHOR   "Mike Cowlishaw"              /* Who to blame */
-  #if !defined(int32_t)
-    #include <stdint.h>           /* C99 standard integers           */
-  #endif
+  #include "gstdint.h"            /* C99 standard integers           */
   #include <stdio.h>              /* for printf, etc.                */
   #include <signal.h>             /* for traps                       */

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