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Re: PATCH: tree-ssa-sink breaks stack layout

On Tue, Mar 31, 2009 at 6:04 PM, Eric Botcazou <> wrote:
>> Well, no, it is a *real* bug that it claims the two objects
>> must-conflict and decides they can share a space when we have no
>> informatin available to substantiate this
> We're at -O1 so it's true that the objects must-conflict in the alias.c sense.

alias.c uses conflict as a synonym for the word "alias" in almost all
places, and there is no documentation elsewhere, so uh, claiming i'm
"changing the definition" seems a bit much, that said ...

> The code thinks that if the blocks are different and the objects must-conflict
> then it's enough to conclude that the slots can be shared. ?That's wrong.
> You seem to be proposing to change the definition of must-conflict;
>  it seems
> to me (and that was the conclusion of the discussion in PR middle-end/32327)
> that the problem is rather in the "if the blocks are different".
This is independent of the fact that it's clearly missing an aliasing
conflict above.
Then again, I have no dog in this fight, I can happily wait till you
fix this with live range info and then discover it's still borked
because it is using alias information wrong :)

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