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[patch, fortran] Fix PR37468

The patch below fixes a user-visible problem with option-parsing and passing. 
Analysis of the problem can be found in PR37468, comment #6.

The patch itself should qualify as obvious, but as we are in stage4: ok to 
commit for 4.4?

2008-11-29  Daniel Franke  <>

	PR fortran/37468
	* lang-specs.h: Pass on -i* options to f951 to (probably) report
	them as unknown.

Regression tested on i686-pc-linux-gnu.



Index: lang-specs.h
--- lang-specs.h        (revision 142255)
+++ lang-specs.h        (working copy)
@@ -23,7 +23,7 @@

 #define F951_CPP_OPTIONS "%{!nocpp: -cpp %g.f90 %(cpp_options)\
                           %{E|M|MM:%(cpp_debug_options) -fsyntax-only} %{E}}"
-#define F951_OPTIONS     "%(cc1_options) %{J*} %{!cpp: %{I*}}\
+#define F951_OPTIONS     "%(cc1_options) %{J*} %{!cpp: %{I*} %{i*}}\
                           %{!nostdinc:-fintrinsic-modules-path finclude%s}\
 #define F951_SOURCE_FORM  "%{!ffree-form:-ffixed-form}"

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