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Re: [patch]: Merge from gnustep for obj-c. Remove warnings for target w64.

On 11/18/08, Kai Tietz <> wrote:
> Hi,
> this patch removes some warnings in libobjc, and is a merge from the
> changes already applied to gnustep/objc.
> ChangeLog
> 2008-11-18  Kai Tietz  <>
>         *  Object.m (errno): Declare for _WIN32 as dllimported.

Please include errno.h instead, most of the time the use of the plain
variable errno is incorrect.

>         (compare): Cast self to id to prevent warning on comparison.
>         * objc/objc.h (BOOL): Prevent redeclaration of BOOL, if already
> there.
>         * sendmsg.c (__objc_print_dtable_stats): Remove type warnings.
>         * thr-win32.c (__objc_thread_detach): Remove type warning.
>         (__objc_thread_id): Likewise.
>         * thr.c (__objc_thread_detach_function): Add abort for unreachable
> code.

objc_thread_exit should have been marked as noreturn.  Do you know why
it was not?

With the above changes and the undef change this is OK.

Andrew Pinski

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