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Re: RFA: patch to solve PR37859

Vladimir Makarov writes:
> Adam Nemet wrote:
> > Vlad,
> >
> > Thanks for patch.  I think I understand the difference.  What you're saying is
> > that the reason the change on r719 does not reach r696 because the loop with
> > r719 flows directly into an adjacent loop instead of the parent loop.
> >
> > I will bootstrap the patch on mips64 overnight and report back.

It's done now.  Everything looks good: I only applied the ira-emit.c part of
the patch from yesterday which is what's striclty needed to fix this.  The
rest would have required an svn update and I didn't want risk removing the
failure condition that way.

How about this patch to clarify the comments for subloop_next/next and
subloops/childen fields in ira_loop_tree_node?

	* ira-int.h (struct ira_loop_tree_node): Improve comments for
	subloop_next/next and subloops/childen fields.

Index: ira-int.h
--- ira-int.h	(revision 141180)
+++ ira-int.h	(working copy)
@@ -83,11 +83,11 @@ struct ira_loop_tree_node
   /* The node represents basic block if children == NULL.  */
   basic_block bb;    /* NULL for loop.  */
   struct loop *loop; /* NULL for BB.  */
-  /* The next (loop) node of with the same parent.  SUBLOOP_NEXT is
-     always NULL for BBs. */
+  /* NEXT/SUBLOOP_NEXT is the next node/loop-node of the same parent.
+     SUBLOOP_NEXT is always NULL for BBs.  */
   ira_loop_tree_node_t subloop_next, next;
-  /* The first (loop) node immediately inside the node.  SUBLOOPS is
-     always NULL for BBs.  */
+  /* CHILDREN/SUBLOOPS is the first node/loop-node immediately inside
+     the node.  They are NULL for BBs.  */
   ira_loop_tree_node_t subloops, children;
   /* The node immediately containing given node.  */
   ira_loop_tree_node_t parent;


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