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Re: [patch] PR 37950


> >> >        * tree-flow-inline.h (memory_partition): Return NULL when aliases were
> >> >        not computed for the current function.
> >>
> >> It's better to clear out gimple_loaded_syms() from the moved
> >> statements.  In fact, build_ssa_operands should probably clear
> >> loaded/stored syms (I thought it did already).
> >
> > unfortunately, that is not possible -- that would give you empty
> > gimple_loaded_syms, breaking alias analysis (unless you are willing
> > to rescan all statement operands at the beginning of alias analysis;
> > I have considered that, but since rescanning the operands is rather
> > expensive, I think it is better to get the operands right the first
> > time),
> For fixing PR38051 I will have to remove using the loaded/stored syms
> from alias analysis.  So it may work to clean them after that.

yes, this would work as well, I think.  I am a bit worried about leaving
the statements with the incorrect (or empty) loaded/stored_syms, though;
the passes that are before pass_build_alias do not seem to use this
information, but that could change,


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