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[Patch, Fortran, Committed] intrinsic.texi - minor update for OpenMP v2.5 -> v3.0

Minor update for OpenMP 3 (link update plus one added constant).

Committed as Revision 141408.


PS: The libgomp.texi is also not fully up to date, see PR 37935.

+2008-10-28  Tobias Burnus  <>
+       * intrinsic.texi: Update OpenMP section for OMPv3.

Index: intrinsic.texi
--- intrinsic.texi      (Revision 141407)
+++ intrinsic.texi      (Arbeitskopie)
@@ -11309,7 +11309,7 @@
 @section OpenMP Modules @code{OMP_LIB} and @code{OMP_LIB_KINDS}
 @table @asis
 @item @emph{Standard}:
-OpenMP Application Program Interface v2.5
+OpenMP Application Program Interface v3.0
 @end table

@@ -11322,8 +11322,8 @@

 For details refer to the actual
-OpenMP Application Program Interface v2.5}.
+OpenMP Application Program Interface v3.0}.

 @code{OMP_LIB_KINDS} provides the following scalar default-integer
 named constants:
@@ -11333,4 +11333,5 @@
 @item @code{omp_logical_kind}
 @item @code{omp_lock_kind}
 @item @code{omp_nest_lock_kind}
+@item @code{omp_sched_kind}
 @end table

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