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Re: PR c++/26997 g++ reports misleading error message when the identifier with error occurs earlier on the same line

2008/10/27 Mark Mitchell <>:
> Manuel López-Ibáñez wrote:
>> The patch should be self-explanatory (otherwise, it needs more
>> comments). There may be other ways to improve this. See
>> 2008-10-26  Manuel López-Ibáñez  <>
>>       PR c++/26997
>> cp/
>>       * parser.c (cp_parser_cast_expression): Parse definitely if we are
>>       sure this is a cast to non-function type.
>> testsuite/
>>       * g++.dg/warn/pr26997.C: New.
> I think the idea here is somewhat ugly, but I'm not sure how to do better.

Ugly? Why? In fact, not avoiding tentative parsing is what makes C++
parsing diagnostics so horrible and debugging it so much pain and
effort. It probably also makes the parser slower by trying to parse
things that will never be valid. I am looking forward to see a
comparison between the clang C++ parser and GCC's C++ parser. I wonder
if clang will use tentative parsing so much as we do.

I will replace the goto with a flag and resubmit.



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