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Re: [PATCH]: bump minimum MPFR version, (includes some fortranbits)

Markus Milleder wrote:
Adrian Bunk schrieb am 13.10.2008 17:41:15:
E.g. the next stable release of Debian will likely ship with 2.3.1 .
So in this specific case fulfilling a 2.3.1 requirement would be easy,
while a 2.3.2 requirement would make it much harder to build gcc 4.4 .

Much harder ?

I don't think anybody who tries to build GCC from source will have any
problem building MPFR first.

They don't even need to do this, as mpfr can be built in-tree. It then also won't interfere with a system-wide mpfr.

I can see how a distribution will probably want to have at least the
MPFR version GCC demands, which would force an MPFR upgrade to
accompany a GCC 4.4 package.

And upgrading from 2.3.1 to let's say 3.0.0 might be a bad choice if
the new version contains regressions.

This is moot because for the reason given above, these hypothetical regressions are restricted to gcc if the person building gcc is careful.

- Tobi

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