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Re: patch for merging graphite branch (before tuplification)


The graphite branch has been tuplified and the port to PPL passes the
graphite testsuite.  For building the graphite branch right now, here
are the steps you'll have to go through:

You have to get a copy of the release 0.9 of PPL from:

cd ppl
./configure --prefix=/somewhere
make install

Then you can get a copy of the port of Cloog to PPL as follows:

cd cloog
./configure --with-ppl=/somewhere --prefix=/somewhere
make install

Then grab a version of graphite branch and configure like this:

cd gcc/build
../configure --with-cloog=/somewhere --with-ppl=/somewhere

For the moment I think that building the cloog and ppl libs in the gcc
directory is broken.  I have not been able to configure ppl within the
build of gcc because ieeefp.h has not been found on my ubuntu system.
I will try to see how that can be fixed, or better, not provide this
functionality and expect all the time the cloog and ppl libs to be
installed on the system.

Note that ppl and polylib are two backends of cloog, and one has the
choice of the polyhedral library to be used.  For the moment the code
generated by the ppl backend contains much more conditions that are
redundant with respect to the enclosing loops because of the
cloog_domain_simplify operation that is still very inefficient in the
ppl backend.  This should be improved either in newer versions of PPL.

Sebastian Pop
AMD - GNU Tools

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