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Re: [C++/Obj-C++ PATCH] Fix Objective-C++ breakage

On Thu, Mar 27, 2008 at 3:56 PM, Mark Mitchell <> wrote:
>  These aren't rhetorical questions; I have no idea.  I'm interested in
>  what actual experience is like here.  My guess would be that changes to
>  the build machinery are quite likely to break various languages, but
>  that changes to (say) the register allocator are unlikely to work
>  reliably in C/C++, but not in Fortran/Java.  And, that, in fact, Ada is
>  the language other than C/C++ most likely to show up problems.

Examples of where I have had issues:
Changing complex types, Fortran, Ada, and C++ show up more issues than
C testing, more in Fortran than anywhere else really.

Inlining changes: Ada, C and C++ show more issues than Fortran.

For Pointer Plus, C++ was the hardest one to convert, it was full of
pointer arithmetic all the place.

For PHI_NODE memory reduction, C++ and Fortran showed the issue which
did not show up in C.

Vector changes, not tested that well at all even with the auto
vectorizer testsuite (tested locally on most of the internal sources
here at Sony).

Andrew Pinski

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