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Re: [PATCH, ADA, DOC] PR 15479: Crossrefs and links

Hello Arno,

* Arnaud Charlet wrote on Mon, Mar 17, 2008 at 08:59:28AM CET:
> Well, I'd rather not have to preprocess gnat_rm.texi, that's a heavy
> solution.

> There have to be a simpler solution here, such as using a texi
> variable for example.

That's what I thought as well at first, and I've tried it, too:

>>>> [...] because texinfo doesn't like @value's in the info-file-name
>>>> argument of cross-references.[1]
>>>> [1] I've reported that bug to bug-texinfo, along with the bug that
>>>>     prevents clickable inter-PDF links when the info-file-name contains
>>>>     an underscore.

FWIW, here's the bug report I mentioned:

Chances are low, but I may look into fixing that bug if Karl won't,
but anyway it will require an updated makeinfo (unlike the click bug),
which rules out that GCC can rely on it for the next couple of years.

So the only other thing I can come up with is something like

| language version.  (Please refer to
| @ifset unw
| @ref{Compiling Different Versions of Ada,,, gnat_ugn_unw, @value{EDITION}
| User's Guide},
| @end ifset
| @ifset vms
| @ref{Compiling Different Versions of Ada,,, gnat_ugn_vms, @value{EDITION}
| User's Guide},
| @end ifset
| for details on

which strikes me as uglier and more error-prone than:

| language version.  (Please refer to @ref{Compiling Different Versions of
| Ada,,, gnat_ugn_^unw^vms^, @value{EDITION} User's Guide}, for details on

Do you know a better way?  Otherwise, ok for 4.4 and 4.3?


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