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Re: [PATCH, ADA, DOC] PR 15479: Crossrefs and links

> Right now, there is one crucial limitation to this patch: references
> from the Reference Manual to the User Manual have the name gnat_ugn_unw
> hard-coded; so it amounts to the wrong thing on VMS, I suppose.  Lifting
> this limitation would require some preprocessing of gnat_rm.texi similar
> to how gnat_ugn.texi is preprocessed, because texinfo doesn't like
> @value's in the info-file-name argument of cross-references.[1]
> Should I add that?

Hard coding the name is indeed not desirable and should be addressed before
doing this change.

> Smaller issues regarding this patch:
> - gnat_rm.texi, node "Pragma Long_Float", refers to gnatlbr,
>   a node which exists in the VMS version of the User's Manual only.
>   I suppose this may be fixed along with above.

Sounds like a good idea.

> - gnat_ugn.texi, node "Ada tasks", refers to "tasking support"
>   inside GDB.  Should that link to the node "Threads" in gdb?

No, the ref is indeed to Ada tasks.

>   FWIW, my gdb does not understand the command "info tasks" at all,
>   which is explicitly documented in gnat_ugn.

That's indeed related. I do not know the state of the Ada specific
documentation in gdb, so this refers to GNAt additions that may not yet be
at the FSF, although will appear at some point if not already.

> OK for trunk and 4.3?

Not in the current form.

I'd suggest resubmitting a patch with the tricky parts left aside for now,
so that 90% of your changes can be OKed. You can then work on the
remaining 10% when you get a chance.


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