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Re: Ping - old patch from April - mingw support for I32/I64 MS printf formatters to c-format.c

On Fri, Mar 14, 2008 at 11:21 AM, FX Coudert <> wrote:
> Hi Danny,
>  I see you're running the testsuite on mingw. How are you doing it?

I use cygwin bash, make, autotools,etc with my mingw gcc toolchain.
To make it easier I create mounts that translate identically with
cygwin tools and native exes.

C:\cygwin\lib on /usr/lib type system (binmode)
C:\cygwin\usr on /usr type system (binmode)
c:\cygwin\bin on /bin type system (binmode)
c:\cygwin\bin on /usr/bin type system (binmode)
c:\develop on /develop type system (binmode)  <<< "identity" mount
C:\cygwin on / type system (binmode)
c:\Users on /home type system (binmode)
c:\mingw on /mingw type system (binmode)  <<< "identity" mount
c: on /cygdrive/c type system (binmode,noumount)
e: on /cygdrive/e type system (binmode,noumount)
f: on /cygdrive/f type system (binmode,noumount)
g: on /cygdrive/g type system (binmode,noumount)
z: on /cygdrive/z type system (binmode,noumount)

All development sources and builds live in the /develop mount

I also set

 as envirnonmental variables

Then the the dejagnu installed  by cygwin's setup just works.

>  I've tried quite a few things, but none of them worked. I've asked on
>  various lists (including here and on the mingw list some time ago),
>  but have never found somone to explain or give a link to
>  documentation explaining how to do it.

I don't know how to make dejagnu work with MSYS. The cygwin-based
environment that I use appears to be more stable (it has worked for my
builds gcc since 2001).


>  Also, could you post the results to gcc-testresults?

Yes I will.

>  Thanks,
>  FX
>  --
>  François-Xavier Coudert

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