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Re: PATCH: PR testsuite/35558: Untested g++.dg/tls/

On Thu, 2008-03-13 at 12:33 -0700, H.J. Lu wrote:
> Hi,
> dg-additional-files is called when compiling source code if there is
> { dg-additional-sources "" }
> check_runtime_nocache is called when there is
> { dg-require-effective-target tls_runtime }
> When both are in the same test source file, we will do run time
> check with additional sources, which don't exist in the same
> directory where the run time check source is, and the run time
> check will fail. However, those additional sources aren't needed
> for run time check.
> This patch avoids adding those additional sources for run-time
> check. OK to install if pass on Linux/Intel64?

No.  The documentation of test directives in sourcebuild.texi says:

  @item @{ dg-require-@var{support} args @}
  Skip the test if the target does not provide the required support;
  see @file{gcc-dg.exp} in the GCC testsuite for the actual directives.
  These directives must appear after any @code{dg-do} directive in the test
  and before any @code{dg-additional-sources} directive.

Fix the test by putting dg-additional-sources after dg-require*.


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