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Re: Status of the 4.1 branch

From: "Richard Guenther" <>

I think the question is more about how to handle bugzilla with respect
to 4.1. If the conclusion is that we want to get rid of the 4.1 regression
markers and thus close remaining 4.1 only bugs as WONTFIX then
we should officially close the branch. If people still want to publically
maintain it by for example backporting patches then they could do
so on a branch on top of the last rev of the 4.1 branch.

Upthread you said the 4.1 branch "should receive only serious wrong-code bug fixes and fixes for regressions on the branch itself". With the latter part I took it to mean 4.1 should not receive fixes for those regressions with respect to previous (4.0/3.x) gcc releases. That severely limits bugs that can be fixed and perhaps by definition eliminates backporting patches since those bugs presumably did not occur between 4.1.0 and 4.1.x. I don't think too many (if any) 4.1 regressions fall into this category.

The other thing you said was "it won't get any more releases due to GPL transition issues." I don't recall whether RMS said we couldn't make another release of prior branches using GPLv2. Is that true? If not, maybe we cut one final release and close it. (It's been over a year since 4.1.2).

Kaveh R. Ghazi

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