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Re: [PATCH] Fix PR35469, revert jboolean semantics changes

Richard Guenther wrote:
> On Tue, 11 Mar 2008, Andrew Haley wrote:
>> Richard Guenther wrote:
>>> I will bootstrap & test the following for the 4.3 branch and the trunk.
>>> Andrew, is this ok with you?  It reverts jboolean back to be a single
>>> bit integer, and g++ will actually enforce that single-bitness since
>>> 4.3.  I don't know if that makes the most sense
>> Yes, thanks.  My identical patch overlapped with yours.
>>> or if just making
>>> it an integer of the same precision as its mode (that is, 8 bits on
>>> any target but darwin(?)).
>> Arrays of jboolean must always have elements one byte in size.
>> We can just make assignment of any value other than 0 or 1 undefined.
> Will you go ahead with your patch or shall I do it?  (I can approve
> reversion of patches of myself myself)

Better for you to do it.  I don't have Darwin, so I can't test,
but I assume that after your patch of jboolean will have elements one byte
in size.


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