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Re: [c++0x] <date_time> implementation, take 2

Thanks Pedro,

I have some additional general comments, sorry for not telling you at
once. I'm sure that next time everything will be *much* faster ;)
> Here goes. The patch was generated with svn diff.
> It defines get_system_time using std::time; we can add support for
> more precise stuff later.
Seems a good idea, as a nit please call with std::time.
> Attached in a tarball is a testsuite for std::nanoseconds and
> std::system_time.
Great. In general we are always using -std=gnu++0x, in the tests.
> 2008-03-10  Pedro LamarÃo  <>
>     * include/std/date_time: new file.
>     * src/date_time.cpp: new file.
>     * config/abi/pre/gnu.ver: get_system_time is a new symbol
>     in version GLIBCXX_3.4.11.
>     * include/ add date_time in std headers.
>     * src/ add to source files.
It looks like definitions are missing for the various static constants.
Also, remember that all the symbols used in the implementation must be
"uglified", typically with double underscore in front or single in case
of types, template parameters, have a look to the existing code for


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