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Re: Patch: automatic dependencies for gcc

>>>>> "Ralf" == Ralf Wildenhues <> writes:

Ralf> Which revision is your patch against?

132840.  Hmm, that is a bit old -- I'll update again if there's more
testing to be done.

Ralf> I ran into a build failure but it may be due to me getting the
Ralf> merge wrong.

What happened?

>> +COMPILE = source='$<' object='$@' libtool=no \
>> +    DEPDIR=$(DEPDIR) $(DEPMODE) $(depcomp) $(COMPILE.base)

Ralf> This looks like $(OUTPUT_OPTION) aka '-o $@' is missing for
Ralf> non-gcc3 which means objects from subdirs end up in gcc/,
Ralf> wrongly.

Thanks for noticing this.  I will add it.

Hmm, maybe I can fake a build forcing the use of depcomp even with

Ralf> Is GCC supposed to be compilable at all by a compiler not understanding
Ralf> "-c -o" (of which there aren't very many out there any more)?

It depends on what they are.  I would prefer not to jump through hoops
here unless such a compiler is the system compiler on an "important"
platform.  I've long forgotten what compilers do this, do you know?


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