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Re: [PATCH][RFC] Flattening GIMPLE memory representation, introducing MEM_REF

Hello Richard,

* Richard Guenther wrote on Fri, Mar 07, 2008 at 01:49:29PM CET:
> This is an updated patch (last one was posted at
> that implements
> flattened (lowered) memory access trees, also known as MEM_REF.  See
> those previous mails and the wiki page at
> for an overview on the proposed scheme.

I saw you've already put this in a branch, but still, a couple of
language nits:

> + /* Multiply-add expression with non-communtative operands.  IDX_EXPRs


> +    bit such that the sum of operands 2 and 3 is less or equal to the

s/less/& than/

> +       /* This component reference becomes an access to all of the
> +          subvariables it can touch, if we can determine that, but
> +          *NOT* the real one.  If we can't determine which fields we

What is 'the real one' referring to?

> +       /* Even if we found subvars above we need to ensure to see
> +          immediate uses for d in s.a[d].  In case of s.a having
> +          a subvar or we would miss it otherwise.  */

s/\.  In/, in/    and  s/a subvar/&,/   ?


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