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Re: [RFA:] PR35293 and testsuite: don't run tests using truncation on targets without support

If you worry about the maintenance burden

Not only do I not worry about the maintainance burden, as it's a rather mechanical burden as you say, but I think it's a great patch and do thank you a lot for your effort! I also think it's nice to have gfortran testsuite able to run for these targets, both from the point of view of target maintainers (as the Fortran front-end has been shown in the past to uncover its share of middle-end or backend issues, having different assumptions that the C language family) and the Fortran maintainers (because it allows us to test our code generation on a wider range of target, thus making us more robust).

OK to commit.

I plan to commit as obvious
henceforth adding fd_truncate gates as necessary whenever I see a new
failure or regression

Thanks a lot, again. Do you have any idea of the number of testsuite failures still there after your patch?


PS: I won't review your other patch but will let Jerry or Thomas do it, as they're the experts on that I/O code.

François-Xavier Coudert

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