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Re: [PATCH] Teach SCCVN/PRE about type-punning through unions

On Mon, 3 Mar 2008, Daniel Berlin wrote:

> On Mon, Mar 3, 2008 at 7:25 AM, Richard Guenther <> wrote:
> >
> >  This patch is an alternate implementation to
> >
> >  to optimize type-punning operations through unions to use scalar
> >  operations (aka VIEW_CONVERT_EXPR).
> >
> >  It does so by doing (pseudo-)insertion of new expressions with an
> >  associated SSA_NAME (to hold its value number) during the final
> >  SCC iteration.  At PRE/FRE elimination time these expressions are
> >  inserted in place of the SSA_NAME (that is, no real insertion takes
> >  place, but we replace with an expression instead of an SSA_NAME),
> >  properly re-constructed with using expression leaders for its
> >  operands (where available).
> >
> >  Variants of this approach would be to add the fake SSA_NAMEs
> >  during regular SCC iteration, but then also to the SCC itself
> >  (which was too tricky for me, thus only doing that at the final
> >  iteration).
> >
> >  On the PRE/FRE side a new insertion phase after SCCVN could insert
> >  the expressions explicitly (like we insert fake stores);  I don't
> >  know if this would fix anything or make anything easier at the
> >  point of insertion though (at least we would only insert a replacement
> >  expression once).  The problem with availability we face is that for
> >
> >  union { int i; float f; } u;
> >
> >   # VUSE <u_1>
> >   tmp_2 = u.i;
> >   # VUSE <u_1>
> >   tmp_1 = u.f;
> >
> >  SCCVN (randomly?) processes the SCCs for tmp_1 and tmp_2 and thus
> >  can end up value-numbering tmp_2 as VIEW_CONVERT_EXPR <tmp_1> which
> >  obviously would violate SSA form.
> It should be sorting them into RPO so that we process tmp_2 before tmp_1.
> Is this not happening?
> If so, we should fix it :)

I don't see we process uses in any particular order (we sort members
of an SCC).  But - what is RPO again? ;)

In this case the two defining statements are connected only through
a common VUSE, tmp_2 and tmp_1 are not member of the same SCC.

We would need to process SCCs and uses in dominator order, which
obviously doesn't happen.  But maybe we don't need to for

> >  Danny, do you have any idea to the above problem?  (Other than
> >  unconditionally inserting expressions for VIEW_CONVERT_EXPR to
> >  any other union member even before running SCCVN)
> >
> >  But, the following was bootstrapped and tested on x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu
> >  and fixes PRs 34043 and 33989 (and maybe others), like the other
> >  patch referenced above.
> >
> >  Shall we just pick one or are there suggestions for improvements
> >  for either approaches?
> Would fixing the SCC sort order fix your problem with tmp_1 vs tmp_2?
> If so, we should just go with this approach.

They are not members of the same SCC, so fixing SCC sort order doesn't
help.  It is the DFS walk that is "too unsorted", 
neither FOR_EACH_PHI_OR_STMT_USE nor the initial walk over all
SSA_NAMEs make sure to visit SCCs in dominator order.


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