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Re: Make libstdc++ use strtold on MinGW

On Fri, Feb 29, 2008 at 7:09 AM, Joseph S. Myers
<> wrote:
> I should also add: there are similar issues with long double output to
>  those with input, since Windows printf functions do not support long
>  double either.
>  For the output issue, the fix involves using MinGW's replacement snprintf
>  functions with long double support, which means enabling C99 support in
>  libstdc++ so that it uses snprintf.  C99 support is disabled on MinGW only
>  because complex.h support is detected as absent, because MinGW <complex.h>
>  conditions out all its contents in strict non-C99 mode, as used for
>  configure tests.  This can be fixed by a patch to MinGW such as the one
>  below (submitted to the MinGW patch tracker).  Alternative fixes would be
>  to make the C99 support in libstdc++ more fine-grained, so snprintf can be
>  used without needing all the other parts of C99 support, or to use
>  fixincludes to apply such a change to an existing <complex.h> header.
>  2008-02-28  Joseph Myers  <>
>         * include/complex.h: Don't condition contents on C99 or not
>         __STRICT_ANSI__.

FYI, This patch has been applied to mingw CVS.

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