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Re: [PATCH][4.3] Deprecate -ftrapv

On Fri, 29 Feb 2008, Robert Dewar wrote:

> > If it were done at gimplification time I imagine something like the libgcc
> > code would be used, but with conversions to/from unsigned inserted as
> > needed.  It would be possible to do optimizations at gimplification time if
> > one argument is constant (converting to a range check).
> Well presumably one would want to use target dependent stuff for
> detecting overflow where it exists (sticky overflow bits on
> power, O flag on PC, trapping add on MIPS etc).

On the whole I think you'd want to benefit from tree-ssa optimizing 
overflow checks where possible (including optimizing them away with VRP), 
if you hope for a -ftrapv that could be turned on by default for Ada with 
performance impact as small as possible.  That would suggest back ends 
matching overflow-check patterns (including any that might have been 
written manually in the user's code) and converting them into such 
instructions.  (Or expand or a late tree-ssa pass doing so.)  But you 
could choose to use built-in functions corresponding to the present libgcc 
functions to represent overflow-checking operations, rather than expanding 
inline, and you could make the choice of whether to do so 
target-dependent.  (One possibility is also using such builtins at 
gimplification time and then optimizing them later in tree-ssa - for 
example, converting a built-in checked multiplication to a range check if 
other optimizers make one argument into a constant.)

The only targets defining the <operation>v<mode> insn patterns at present 
appear to be alpha and pa.

Joseph S. Myers

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