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[patch, fortran, documentation] PR34532 - implicit conversion, Integer as logical

The documentation (5.11) indicates that

$> cat if.f90
  INTEGER :: i = 1
  IF (i) PRINT *, 'True'

is valid in gfortran, but

$> gfortran -g if.f90
 In file if.f90:2

IF (i) PRINT *, 'True'
Error: ELSE IF clause at (1) requires a scalar LOGICAL expression

As discussed in bugzilla, this is to fix the docs.

2007-12-25  Daniel Franke  <>

	PR fortran/34532
	* gfortran.texi: Fixed section about implicit conversion of logical 
	and integer variables.

Tested doc, dvi and html targets. Ok for trunk?

Index: gfortran.texi
--- gfortran.texi	(revision 131167)
+++ gfortran.texi	(working copy)
@@ -1165,12 +1165,17 @@ zero, and @code{.TRUE.} is interpreted a
 @code{.FALSE.} and any nonzero value is interpreted as @code{.TRUE.}.
-       INTEGER :: i = 1
-       IF (i) PRINT *, 'True'
+        LOGICAL :: l
+        l = 1
+@end smallexample
+        INTEGER :: i
+        i = .TRUE.
 @end smallexample
-However, there is no implicit conversion of @code{LOGICAL} and
-@code{INTEGER} values performed during I/O operations.
+However, there is no implicit conversion of @code{INTEGER} values in
+@code{if}-statements, nor of @code{LOGICAL} or @code{INTEGER} values
+in I/O operations.
 @node Hollerith constants support
 @section Hollerith constants support

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