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Re: [PATCH][modulo-sched] Fix generation of reg-moves (was: Fix generation of prolog and epilog)

Revital1 Eres/Haifa/IBM wrote on 18/12/2007 13:49:14:

> Hello,
> Following our off-line discussion regarding the implementation of this
> patch; I re-submit it with the following change: the reg-moves of the
> kernel are inserted right before the notes which precede the insn they
> relates to.  This will also prevent the problematic case were redundant
> reg-moves are generated while creating the prolog/epilog as reported
> previously.
> I am now re-testing the patch on powerpc64-linux, x86_64-linux and SPU.
> OK for mainline once testing completes?

Yes, this wrong-code fix is ok.
In general it's better to keep dump info additions separate from the actual
bug fixing line(s).

> Thanks,
> Revital
> 2007-12-17  Alexander Monakov  <>
>             Revital Eres  <>
>         * modulo-sched.c (generate_reg_moves): Insert the reg-moves
>         right before the notes which precedes the insn, if they exists.
>         (loop_canon_p): Add dump info.
>         (sms_schedule): Likewise.
> testsuite:
>         * gcc.dg/sms-5.c: New testcase.

> [attachment "sms-5.c.txt" deleted by Ayal Zaks/Haifa/IBM] [attachment
> "patch_fix_regmoves_17.txt" deleted by Ayal Zaks/Haifa/IBM]

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