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Re: [patch, libfortran] PR34427 namelist input of inf-nan

Tobias Burnus wrote:
Jerry DeLisle wrote:
2007-12-15 Jerry DeLisle <>

    PR fortran/34427
    * io/list_read.c (read_real): Handle intervening line ends and
    (get_name): Don't push separators to saved_string.
    (eat_separator): If in namelist mode eat spaces and line ends as
The patch is OK, but I have some comments/questions:

@@ -316,6 +316,13 @@ eat_separator (st_parameter_dt *dtp)
case '\n':
dtp->u.p.at_eol = 1;
+ if (dtp->u.p.namelist_mode)
+ {
+ do
+ c = next_char (dtp);
+ while (c == '\n' || c == '\r' || c == ' ');
+ unget_char (dtp, c);
+ }

I wonder whether one should do something similar for '\r'. If I recall correctly, the normal line-break character on MacOS was (is?) '\r' (while Unix has '\n' and Windows "\r\n").

According to Wikipedia, the '\r' is used in MacOS up to version 9. So we better accommodate it just in case.

Additionally, I think one can replace:

  if (!isdigit (c))
      if (c == 'i' || c == 'I' || c == 'n' || c == 'N')
        goto inf_nan;
        goto bad;


Done. I forgot this was in two places.

exp2: if (!isdigit (c)) goto bad;

I changed this in my original Inf/NaN patch to the upper version, but
you correctly remarked that it does not make much sense to have it for
exp2. (But I forgot to change it back when I checked the patch in.) You
can undo my change if you want.

Thanks for review. I will commit after the above changes and retest.


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