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Re: Scripted pass manager

Rob Quill wrote:

This patch scripts the pass manager in a way similar to the the
options.c and options.h are generated. It shows no regressions against
the current mainline on x86_64-linux.

Interesting, you may want to contact Ben Elliston who worked on a dynamic pass manager implementation that was able to re-order passes on the fly without having to recompile GCC. His master's thesis should have more details about it.

We've discussed the idea of a dynamic pass manager many times in the past. It's been very high on my wish lists for a few years now, but of course I haven't done anything other than "talk" about it.

A scripted pass manager is a step forward, but I think we can go to a fully dynamic manager. The features I've been looking for:

- Various pass schedules are fixed and associated with the different -Ox flags.

- A specific schedule can be altered using a combination of -f options or perhaps an external description file. This may make bug reproduction a bit harder, so we may want to limit how much freedom we give users here.


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