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Re: [RFC][4.4] PR rtl-optimization/3507 appalling optimization with sub/cmp

Second, and more important, the optimization belongs in fold_rtx,

The detail is that I need to know DEST, which isn't passed to fold_rtx.

I agree that implementing it in fold_rtx is a problem, but as pointed out by Steven in the PR trail, that's because our representation of branches sucks.

The problem is not that you need to know DEST -- it is that if you did so in fold_rtx, you would need to wait for the second to modify the first.

(insn 1 (set (reg C) (minus (reg A) (reg B))))

(insn 2 (set (reg D) (compare (reg A) (reg B))))

(insn 3 (set ... (ltu (reg D) (const_int 0))))

... that is, in insn 3 you would use find_comparison_args to find A and B, and fold the ltu to (set ... (ltu (reg C) (const_int 0)). Except that it is not a valid insn except on cbranch targets (and I don't mean using a cbranch expander, but using a cbranch insn).

So, I don't like your approach, but mine is probably infeasible -- sorry. Maybe combine would be the right place to fix it, by adding a different way to do a 3 insn->2 insn combine (in find_split_point), but I'm not asking you to try.


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