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Re: Link tests after GCC_NO_EXECUTABLES

Joseph S. Myers wrote:

> * They only build static libstdc++.
> * --with-newlib is used, either explicitly or implicitly if newlib is 
> built in a combined tree.  (I do not know if it works with --with-newlib 
> is not used and it's not a combined tree.)
> * then checks for --with-newlib and handles it specially by 
> hardcoding information about the functions present.
> * With --disable-shared, GLIBCXX_ENABLE_SYMVERS disables symbol versioning 
> instead of trying to do certain link tests it would do if shared libraries 
> are being built; it also does so if unable to link.

> So make sure the build is using --disable-shared if you can't link; if 
> that still doesn't help, some configure test somewhere may need disabling, 
> either if unable to link, or if not building shared libraries, or some 
> other condition.

We're doing all that.  I think Richard gave the correct answer elsewhere
in the thread: it doesn't actually work without hacks on MIPS either.

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