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Re: Link tests after GCC_NO_EXECUTABLES

Mark Mitchell wrote:
>> Bernd Schmidt wrote:
>>>> If -mfdpic doesn't make sense for Blackfin, shouldn't it just be an
>>>> error?  Why accept it, but make it imply the simulator?
>>> Because all the target libraries fail to build if the configure tests
>>> don't link.
>> But why isn't that a problem with the target libraries or the way in
>> which GCC is being configured?  Why don't we have that problem for MIPS
>> or Power, given that they don't link with a target board by default either?

That's not something I can answer, being unfamiliar with both targets.
Maybe they don't build/need a default multilib for "no particular target"?

>> I'm not trying to be rhetorical.  I just want to understand what's going
>> on here because it sounded to me from your patch like we were making the
>> compiler accept options that don't make sense in order to work around
>> some problem -- and maybe that problem is what should really be solved.

We have two uses for the bfin-elf compiler - building standalone
applications, and bootstrapping uClibc for
bfin-uclinux/bfin-linux-uclibc.  For the latter, we need -mfdpic and
-mid-shared-library multilibs, to at least get a libgcc.  This always
worked since what is now "-msim" was default behaviour, but it started
to fail the libstdc++ configury once Jie changed that to use
target-specific linker scripts.

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