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Re: [PATCH] PR34197 new bogus array overflow warnings

On Friday 23 November 2007, Andrew Pinski wrote:

> Please don't add this.  Please instead add turn off the unitialization
> warning with --disable-checking (or when assert checking is off) or
> turn it into warning instead of an error.
> The reason for this is because the warning is not really correct as it
> is not unitialized, it is just GCC cannot tell if it is or not.

It is not about uninit-warnings, but about array refs. Anyway, you're correct 
that it is not needed as part of a minimal patch, but it works around a 102 
byte code size regression. But as I kind of anticipated the resistance 
against trivial cleanups that can not hurt, I delcared this part of the patch 
to be optional. 

Regarding testcase: there are plenty of testcases available, for example 
bootstrapping gcc (as the warning triggered during bootstrap, which breaks 
bootstrap with -Werror). Thats why I didn't include one, but it should be 
possible to come up with one. 


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