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Re: init_reg_autoinc bug and how to describe regs that can't autoincdec

> From: (Richard Kenner)
> Date: Wed, 21 Nov 2007 16:20:04 EST

> > I don't understand what you mean; there's a misunderstanding
> > here.  To be very brief, I can't have (post_inc (reg:SI 15)) and
> > a gdb session tells me this code is responsible for making sure
> > that's a valid allocation.
> You can't have that post_inc in the post-reload code, certainly,
> but if you have a post_inc of a pseudo that's assigned reg 15 and that
> register isn't valid for a post_inc, the normal reload mechanism should
> generate the in and out reloads to put reg 15 in a reload register of the
> appropriate class.

So for the actual bug I see, I need to find out why reload
doesn't do that, if I understand you correctly.

But still, why is forbidden_inc_dec_class all 0 here,
particularly for classes containing this register?  Surely the
code should be changed to make it 1 for such classes, so there'd
be no invalid allocations for reload to fix up!

brgds, H-P

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