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Re: PR c++/5310 Weird warnings about using (int)NULL

Manuel López-Ibáñez wrote:

> 2007-11-15  Manuel Lopez-Ibanez  <>
>   PR c++/5310
> cp/
>   * call.c (standard_conversion): When __null is cast to another
> integer type, save the target type in the conversion.
>    (convert_like_real): If __null is cast to a different integer type,
> force conversion to that type.
> testsuite/
>   * g++.dg/warn/pr5310.C: New.
>   * g++.dg/warn/pr33160.C: New.

I see Nathan has already approved this, but I have some questions:

+  if (same_type_p (from, to))
+    {
+      if (c_cast_p && expr && null_ptr_cst_p (expr))
+        conv->type = to;
+      return conv;

Why do we care about c_cast_p?  Or, for that matter that this is a NULL
pointer?  Couldn't we just do:

  /* The types are the same.  We use the destination type exactly so
that ... */
  conv->type = to;

But, why do we need to change the type here, given that they are in fact
the same?  The type of __null is not special; it is the fact that its
address is null_node that is the special characteristic.  So, why do we
need the hunk in standard_conversion at all?

In convert_like_real, we should do the non-nullification magic after
calling decl_constant_value, as decl_constant_value itself might be
null_node for something like:

  const int x = __null;

Then, if you want to check for null_node, using null_ptr_cst_p is not
the right predicate.  That will consider just plain "0" as NULL (because
that it is a null pointer constant), but it doesn't have the problems
that we're having.  Also, wouldn't these problems also apply to
enumeration target types?

So, I think the code should be something like:

  expr = decl_constant_value (expr);
  if (expr == null_node && INTEGRAL_TYPE_P (totype))
     /* If __null has been converted to an integer type, we do not
        want to warn about uses of EXPR as an integer, rather than
        as a pointer.  */
     expr = build_integer_cst (totype, 0);

Again, I don't see any reason for the c_cast_p check.

Mark Mitchell
(650) 331-3385 x713

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