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Re: [C++ PATCH] Extend SFINAE to all expressions

"Doug Gregor" <> writes:


| So, this patch is big but mechanical. Its implementation was trivial
| in the sense that only once did the addition of SFINAE support into a
| function actually cause any regressions in the GCC testsuite. Weigh
| that against the 256k of text in this patch, and you'll see just how
| mechanical this patch really is. So, I know this patch is big for
| stage 3, but it is relatively simple and will certainly be a boon for
| C++ programmers trying out C++0x or digging into some of the more
| arcane parts of C++ template argument deduction. Plus, committing it
| will save me from my personal torment of keeping such a large patch in
| sync with the trunk :)
| Tested i686-pc-linux-gnu and i386-apple-darwin-10.4.10; okay for mainline?

   * the general agreement on getting things in C++0x mode is that
     they must at the very least be in the C++ Workng Draft.  
     This resolution to this very issue (close to my heart) is not.  
     We don't even have a standardese for it yet.
     There still is a debate on where the border line is between hard
     error and sfinae, even if we generally we agreed (CWG+EWG) on the
     general phrase 'all expressions except ...'

   * We're in stage 3; we should come back to this when we are in
     stage 1 and we know what is in thw WD.

-- Gaby

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