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Re: [PATCH] Fix PR34099, wrong-code with CCP

On Fri, 16 Nov 2007, Richard Guenther wrote:

> + 	case MULT_EXPR:
> + 	case TRUNC_DIV_EXPR:
> + 	case CEIL_DIV_EXPR:
> + 	case FLOOR_DIV_EXPR:
> + 	case ROUND_DIV_EXPR:
> + 	case TRUNC_MOD_EXPR:
> + 	case CEIL_MOD_EXPR:
> + 	case FLOOR_MOD_EXPR:
> + 	case ROUND_MOD_EXPR:
> + 	case EQ_EXPR:
> + 	case NE_EXPR:
> + 	case LT_EXPR:
> + 	case GT_EXPR:
> + 	  /* Not MIN_EXPR, MAX_EXPR.  One VARYING operand may be selected.
> + 	     Not bitwise operators, one VARYING operand may specify the
> + 	     result completely.  Not logical operators for the same reason.
> + 	     Not LE/GE comparisons or unordered comparisons.  Not
> + 	     COMPLEX_EXPR as one VARYING operand makes the result partly
> + 	     not UNDEFINED.  */

x * 0 and x % 1 are always 0 (for integer x).  Comparisons may be always 0 
or always 1 for one operand outside the range of the unsigned char from 
which the original operand was promoted; likewise the results of 
divisions, or shifts.

(Exactly what is or is not undefined behavior in the presence of 
uninitialized values is the subject of DR#338 
<>.  DR#260 was 
an earlier DR concerning related issues.)

Joseph S. Myers

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