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[Patch,fortran] PR31608 again - wrong types in character array/scalar binop

:ADDPATCH fortran:

I have been guilty of not reading the instructions on the box again.
Whilst I fixed one version of the bug, the original remained

The problem is associated with character descriptor arrays, where the
data field has been cast as the likes of (*(char[0:][1:1] *)  This grunges up gfc_trans_scalar_assign, in the call
from gfc_conv_expr_descriptor, and so is passed over to
gfc_add_modify_expr. There, the particular case of associating a
char[1:1] with a char is not handled correctly and types are mixed;

            char char.6;

            char.6 = (*(char[0:][1:1] *)[S.5][1]{lb: 1
sz: 1} + 224;
            (*(char[0:][1:1] *)[S.5] =
*(_gfortran_compare_string (D.1384, &(*(char[0:][1:1] *)[S.5], 1, "a") >= 0 && _gfortran_compare_string (D.1393,
&(*(char[0:][1:1] *)[S.5], 1, "z") <= 0 ? &char.6 :
&(*(char[0:][1:1] *)[S.5]);
          S.5 = S.5 + 1;

First the lvalue in the second assignment is not the first element of
the 1:1 array and second, the same kind of beast is mixed with a
humble 'char' in the then/else branches of the condition.  The patch
upgrades the (*(char[0:][1:1] *)[S.5] references to
(*(char[0:][1:1] *)[S.5][1]{lb: 1 sz: 1}.

Regtested on Cygwin_NT and to be put through the mill tonight on x86_ia64/FC5.

OK for trunk?


2007-11-16  Paul Thomas  <>

	PR fortran/31608
	* trans-array.c (gfc_conv_expr_descriptor): Remove exception
	for indirect references in the call to gfc_trans_scalar_assign.
	* trans-expr.c (gfc_conv_string_parameter): Instead of asserting
	that the expression is not an indirect reference, cast it to a
	pointer type of the length given by se->string_length.

2007-11-16  Paul Thomas  <>

	PR fortran/31608
	* gfortran.dg/char_cast_2.f90: New test based on achar_4.f90.

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