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Re: Fix PR 33870

Richard Guenther wrote:

No, we are limiting all pointed-to SFTs of all structs (maybe this was not
intended, but it is necessary) out of the partitioner.

*All* of them? That's a bug. Only the first one inside a nested structure should be limited.

but clearly you are growing the numer of symbols in NMTs
(the regression is not as bad as for my initial patch, but is the least
regression we can have there if we want to fix the miscompilation this way).

Yes, but we should only be adding as many SFTs as nested structures we have. So, to give you a ridiculous example, if we had a structure with 300 fields and 2 nested structures, we should only have 2 unpartitionable SFTs (the first one of each nested structure).

We enlarge the NMT aliased symbols.  (And obviously we can now create
aritifical testcases with any number of aliased SFTs remaining on a stmt,
I'll come up with one of those for you)

Thanks. The secret here is going to be one where we are marking way too many SFTs as unpartitionable. My contention is that we shouldn't be doing this too often. If we are, that's the bug.

Thanks. Diego.

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